In short, we want to make sure you never have to say, “What do you want to do?”

Empire Tonight is an event, marketing, and promotions company.  Founded in 2007, our goal is to give customers a real New York experience without New York prices.  We’ve worked with hundreds of venues, ranging from sports bars, Irish pubs, salons & spas, Italian restaurants, music clubs, Broadway shows, to other nightlife and entertainment venues.  In addition, we’ve promoted professional products and services such as mobile apps, dental offices and other businesses.  We only promote the kind of venues and products that we would use ourselves!

How do we promote?

Our expertise is street-team marketing.  We offer people discounts that they can enjoy immediately. One of the hallmarks of our business is that we want to know our customers’ needs and therefore can guide them to venues that will meet their expectations.  If you’re a tourist wandering the streets in search of something to do, you’ll discuss your options with a rep who will guide you to a venue where you can be guaranteed a true New York experience—the highlight of your trip!  It’s not easy to look through hundreds of pages in a tour book or spend hours looking at websites trying to find what to do in NYC.  Our idea is simple: we work with actors, musicians, comics, and people who know what New York City has to offer.  Our dynamic team of experts helps tourists and locals alike discover a city filled with unique dining and entertainment options.  We have our fingers on the pulse of NYC and nothing can replace that face-to-face interaction you will have with one of our reps!

Where do we promote?

If there are people, we are there!  We always have a presence in Times Square along with other high foot traffic areas such as Union Square, Rockefeller Center and Herald Square.  We have teams in various NYC neighborhoods, depending on the venue or business we are working with and their location.  You’ll find us at universities, where we offer  students assistance in finding entertainment and dining alternatives – ones where they’ll get more bang for their buck.

What kind of events do we host?

Our success in promotions led us to hosting our own events at various venues in the tri-­state area.  These include producing comedy shows, karaoke nights, trivia nights.  You can also book our comedians and our karaoke/trivia services for private parties and events.  Because our staff is made up primarily of actors, comics, musicians and nightlife enthusiasts, every event will make you feel like you’re taking part in the show!

What other businesses do we work with?

The fact is, there’s no better way to reach an audience than having well informed people engaging the customer.  If you have a product that we’d use ourselves, then we’ll promote it!  We’ve worked with mobile apps, dental offices, law offices, and a host of other products and professional services!